Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tag Team Says Obama Was Not in Their 'Whoomp (There It Is)' Video ... Sort of

Tag Team says that Obama was not in there video, but do leave open the possibility that he was. I am torn on how persuasive their denial is; not because I think they have any reason to lie but because it is unclear how they would know. Obama one of the most recognizable figures today, but back when the video was shot he would have been a lot less recognizable. The more convincing part of the denial was that they think they know who the person is that people are saying looks like Obama. Still, I do not think this really is that definitive answer to stamp out the conspiracy theory. I still do not think it was Obama in the video, but will try to hold out hope until the White House puts out an official no.

"OK, so let's get the definitive word. Is the President of the United States in your video?

DC: Nah, it's not the President of the United States.

You know for sure?

DC: I know it's not the person that they're looking at and saying might be him.

Do you know who it is?

DC: Who is it, Steve?

Steve Roll'N: A friend of ours named L.A. Sno. He's a rapper in another group. [Likely the 1990s Atlanta rap duo Duice —Ed.]
You're positive.

DC: Yeah. Unless he says (in Obama voice): "Yeah, I was there. I'd just gotten out of grad school and was down in Atlanta and I loved that song..." then I'd be like, Wow. My mouth would be open wide and I'd be like "I don't remember." 'Cause there was a thousand people at that video shoot.

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