Monday, June 7, 2010

Not All Muslim Deaths Created Equal (For The Media at Least)

Nine Muslims on a boat with people openly calling for the death of all Jews, while on a mission to defeat a blockade for the eventual smuggling of weapons to kill Jews, die at the hands of a Jew defending themselves after; big news. Almost 150 (140) Muslims killed at the hands of the Chinese while peacefully marching; barely a blip.

There are of course a few differences. The 'flotilla incident' was well documented with compelling video. Israel also has much more press freedom then China does. Still, does anyone doubt that even if the differences were nullified the incident involving Israel would get more play?

"A month ago, in China's Muslim Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, 140 Muslims were killed by the Chinese riot police. We are talking about Uighur Muslims whose lives on the media market only represent a fraction of the value of Arab Muslims killed by Jews.

I realize that nine Islamist activists who love to sing the evergreen "Death to Jews" — really, innocent folklore in those regions — killed by Israeli soldiers is an act without comparison in the world. It is the lowest and vilest thing that happened since the Holocaust. How dare they kill peace-loving Islamists who sing innocent lyrics like "Death to Jews"?
That sounds like Palestinians, doesn't it? Eight million Uighur Muslims being denied their own Uighur state is bad, really bad. But not as bad of course as the Jews denying the Palestinians their own state, which is really the number one cause for peace-loving activists in the world."


  1. The purpose of the blockade is not to keep out weapons, and you know that.

    It's pretty tired and sad of you to conflate critical thought about what Israel does with anti-semitism, as if anyone following this website is supposed to believe that you care about muslims being killed by China. Will you defend the Chinese actions now?

    If you are upset about that maybe you can start a petition, otherwise we as americans are responsible for what we do- like arm Israel and shield them so they can do things like commit war crimes, that will inevitably attract hatred and action of things like the flotilla.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - just because you keep repeating something does not make it true. Terrorists fire rockets into Israel from Gaza, Israel is trying to prevent rockets from getting in. That is the point of the blockade.


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