Friday, June 4, 2010

Andrew Klavan - Fun With Anti-Semitism

Video embedded below.


  1. One of the tired, clichéd epithets being spat by right-wing war cheerleaders at critics of the Israeli attack (such as myself) is "Useful Idiots." Yet just as nothing helped Al Qaeda (and Iran) more than the invasion of Iraq, the U.S. torture regime, Guantanamo and the like, nothing helps Hamas more than these types of naked acts of Israeli aggression which repulse the world. As Gazan-born journalist Taghreed El-Khodary explained:

    Israel has given Hamas a present. Hamas' morale is high; it's a boost for them. They feel stronger and that's what they needed at this time when they had been weakened somewhat.

    So who are the actual Useful Idiots? People like Klaven who carry water for Israeli policies that not only undermine the welfare of Israeli's, but give strength to the actual anti-semites of the world.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - you are right, Israel defending themselves is playing right in to the terrorist's hands. Israel should just roll over and die, that would show the terrorists...

    The "Useful Idiots" are the people who have deluded themselves into thinking that Muslims calling for the extinction of all Jews, who are actively trying to kill all Jews, is the innocent party.


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