Monday, December 4, 2006

Thanksgiving Comes Early to Mville

Being a President that prides him self on interacting with the students, President Berman could be found in the Café on the Monday before Thanksgiving. There, he was carving and serving a Turkey to all who wanted to partake in the early festivities.

The Thanksgiving spirit reached Mville's Web administrators as a happy Thanksgiving message complete with a picture of a turkey.

The holiday itself is one of the few, uniquely American holidays. Harvest festivals abound all over the globe, but Thanksgiving is unique in its scope and in the way in which it is celebrated.

Though in recent times, it has been occasionally marred by controversy and protests over its true meaning (as was the case in some parts of the country), here at Mville it was more or less a quiet event, passing without major incident.

Let me also extend a belated happy Thanksgiving from all here at the Right World View.

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