Monday, November 6, 2006

We Will Not Be Silenced

"Dear Manhattanville,

The Right World View's second issue is officially out. We regret to inform you that this months distribution has been hampered by rampant theft of our issues. As such, a paper copy is hard to obtain, but fear not. A PDF version (color version and as always free) is available at our website Read what some on this campus don't want you to see. If you want a paper copy, a few are still available upon request to .
Thank you,
Andrew Berman"

That email was sent as a mass mail a few days after we released our second issue. It is a truly sad notion to think there are some on this campus who have nothing better to do than go around stealing stacks of newspapers.

I try to not see things in black and white too often. I look for the grey whenever possible. For this, there is no grey. If the only way you can defeat an argument is to silence it, you have already lost. What happened to the idea of an open and free exchange of ideas? Either way, we will not be silenced. We will continue to print when we say we will and distribute our issues around campus. If you have such a strong disagreement with what we say, I give you the option to respond. Instead of going around trying to steal our issues, put your energies into something more productive. Write why you disagree and send it to me. I will do my best to fit it in the next issue.

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  1. Nice point of view. Actually, I assume you have a gift of writing talent. Have you tried to write a book or a novel?
    Thanks and keep going forward.

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