Monday, November 6, 2006

Letter From the Editor (Right World View Vol. I, No. 3)

Political affiliations are an interesting concept. Personally, I chose to not have an affiliation to any party so as to be able to shift to whatever candidate I believe it the best or most qualified. You may note in the last “Letter from the Editor” I stated that I am not a Republican. Note that I am not a Democrat, either; I am unaffiliated.

There is nothing wrong with being unaffiliated if you so desire, and there is also nothing wrong with supporting a candidate. Indeed, if you truly believe someone should win (or if you just don't want the other candidate to win), you should actively campaign for them.

One thing I must request is that if your candidate loses, please remove your stickers supporting them (especially if they have a time stamp on them). There is a certain grace period as bumper stickers are notoriously hard to remove. It should not take years to remove them, despite the difficulties.

Even if you want to continue to show your support for the candidate that lost, there are better ways than with old campaign stickers. All it really does is show that they lost. Let’s use the Kerry and Edwards 2004 presidential bid as an example.

The Kerry Edwards 2004 stickers really must go. They lost, and there is no way they are going to be President and Vice President for the 2004 term. If you still want to show that you supported them, why not upgrade to the "Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry" sticker?

As long as we are on the topic of politics, remember to vote. You will see this advice as a recurring theme in this issue, as its importance cannot be understated. Not only is it our "Call to Arms", but it is also listed in the "November Events at Manhattanville." Your vote does count, and even if your candidate loses, at least you will have made your voice heard. A lot rides on this election no matter which side of the aisle you are on, so be sure to go vote.

If you would like to join the Right World View, our meetings are held every Monday in the second floor Founders classroom (technically three floors up from the front entrance) at 8:30pm. I hope to see you there.

On to some formatting notes: we are happy to report that this issue, we have increased our content by a full 50%. We have also been able to garner a few writers from the other end of the ideological spectrum. This is most notable in the feature "Left World View vs. Right World View" (a debate over tort reform) which can be found on page 8. This issue is certainly not lacking.

Andrew Berman

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