Monday, December 4, 2006

Letter From the Editor (Right World View Vol. I, No. 4)

The country has spoken, and they have overwhelmingly said, "We want Democrats." Though in truth, it is not as simple as that. While the Democrats did sweep into power in both houses of Congress, it is not entirely clear whether it had more to do with what they were offering or more to do with the fact that they weren't Republicans.

Personally, I wanted the Republicans to lose the house to hopefully force them to return to their more Conservative base. I was also hoping they would keep the Senate in order to be able to put Conservative judges on the courts.

In many of the elections, if you didn't see the candidates’ political affiliation and just saw their platform, the Republicans and Democrats were almost indistinguishable. Conservative Democrats did exceptionally well.

Now we'll touch on some military matters. How many people have told you that the military dominance of the United States is quickly coming to a close? Let me alleviate some of your fears. First, lets talk conventionally.

The US Air Force has crafts in the sky (working models) that make just about anything any of the other countries have on the drawing board obsolete and not even worth building (or having). The US Navy is of such power that if you combined all other naval powers against it, it would still come out on top (decimated, but victorious nonetheless). Our army is strong enough to repel just about any force that it could come up against, if they could even get close enough to fight us.

In terms of non-conventional warfare, our silos are filled with enough missiles to destroy the world many times over. Finally, our stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons are sufficient to eradicate all life from the globe. But besides all that, I can see how are our dominance is being threatened.

Let me put this a different way: our military prowess and dominance is such that others have been forced to fundamentally change the concept of warfare and the way in which is its fought to even have a chance of competing with us. We may fall from our top position, just as all others that have achieved the pinnacle before us have, but it won't be anytime soon.

As always, if you would like to join the Right World View, our meetings are held every Monday in the second floor Founders classroom at 8:30pm.

Enjoy your upcoming break, and I hope to see you at one of our meetings either before you leave or after you return.

Andrew Berman

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