Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obama tells a Democratic audience that a “fully automatic weapon” was used at Newtown

Not true of course, but why let the facts get in the way of a political push.

"Either (a) O’s referring to a different shooting, which I doubt, (b) I missed a major update to the Newtown story, (c) he knows something we don’t, or (d) he has roughly the same mastery of gun fundamentals as magazine expert Diana DeGette. From last night’s DCCC fundraiser in San Francisco:

Now, over the next couple of months, we’ve got a couple of issues: gun control. (Applause.) I just came from Denver, where the issue of gun violence is something that has haunted families for way too long, and it is possible for us to create common-sense gun safety measures that respect the traditions of gun ownership in this country and hunters and sportsmen, but also make sure that we don’t have another 20 children in a classroom gunned down by a semiautomatic weapon — by a fully automatic weapon in that case, sadly.
Adam Lanza had an honest-to-goodness machine gun on him, not a Bushmaster semiautomatic? That’s … an important detail, but I haven’t heard it mentioned once in the news coverage I’ve seen about Sandy Hook. (Then again, it’s not unusual for the media to overlook certain facts on this topic.) According to every report I’ve seen, including the Hartford Courant’s story just this morning about Connecticut’s new gun law, Lanza carried an AR-15. If O thinks a fully automatic rifle was used — which would explain his recent refrain about “weapons of war” — why is he targeting semiautomatics?"

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