Sunday, August 5, 2012

Unsurprisingly , Turkey Not Please With Official White House Photo of Obama Holding a Bat While Talking to Their Prime Minister

Who would have think the Turks would have had a problem with this (answer, just about anyone with common sense). For his next trick, 'President Smart Power' will release a photograph of himself stomping on a photo of the Turkish Prime Minister while burning the Turkish flag.

"President Obama struck out with Turkey this week after the White House released a photo showing the leader of the free world holding a baseball bat while talking on the phone with the Turkish prime minister.

The two leaders spoke on Monday to discuss the crisis in Syria, after which the unusual image of Obama seated at his desk, having a phone conversation with Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan while holding a bat autographed by baseball great Hank Aaron, was released by the White House.

When asked about possible hidden meanings in the photo, White House secretary Jay Carney said that the president was an avid baseball fan and long-time supporter of the Chicago White Sox.

The picture, which was interpreted as vaguely menacing by some critics, caused a stir in Turkey.

‘The photo reveals from whom our Prime Minister receives orders to rule the country,’ Metin Lutfi Baydar, a lawmaker with Turkey's main opposition party the Republican People's Party (CHP), said in a statement.

CHP vice president Umut Oran asked through parliament if Erdogan had seen the picture and if he would take action against ‘an implicit insult to Turkey and its citizens.’

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