Saturday, August 25, 2012

Republican Woman For Obama in Obama Ad Turn Out to be ... Democrats

Undoubtedly there are woman out there who voted for McCain and are now supporting Obama. Not as many as are crossing over from Obama to Romney, but I can not imagine that there are none. Faking it in the ad, not a good idea, especially if they fakes are easily discovered as frauds.

First the ad:

Now, the reveal.

"It happens all the time in talk radio: a caller will say that he is a lifelong Republican, and will recall fondly how he voted for Ronald Reagan. Then he says that today’s Republicans have gone too far, and for the first time ever he is voting for a Democrat! These callers are nearly always lying. If you look them up, you likely will find that they are Democratic Party precinct chairmen.

The Obama campaign is trying to perpetrate the same deception. It has just released a video called Republican Women For Obama, which features four or five women who claim to be Republicans, or to have been Republicans until recently. But, of course, they are appalled by Mitt Romney–it is hard to say why, apart from a couple of discreet references to abortion, but did they really just now figure out that the Republican Party is pro-life? The ad is surprisingly ineffective, but it is also dishonest. At least one of the women who pose as “Republican women for Obama” is a long-time Democrat.
OK, I’ve broken through on this via Facebook. More of the women are fake “Republicans.” Will do update after lunch!

Continued: Here is another woman featured in the Obama video:

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