Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Passengers Subdue Captain Who Loses it Mid-flight

Baring technical problems or a attack from without (missiles, bullets, lasers...), this is the biggest threat to airplanes and their passengers. No one will ever again forcibly take the cockpit unless they have already killed all 100+ passengers, but a pilot gone crazy is already at the helm. They do not have to deal with all the angry passengers who know the consequence of not fighting back, but only a handful of fellow cockpit occupants.

Video embedded below.

"A JetBlue flight captain had to be tackled by passengers today after he ran up and down a packed flight screaming about "terrorism" and "al Qaeda" in a terrifying mid-air outburst.

“Say your prayers!” the crazed pilot screamed as he ran up and down the aisle, a passenger told The Post.
The crazed captain’s outburst came after he was booted from the cockpit, passengers said.

He banged on the cockpit door asking to be let back in before passengers subdued him, said authorities.

Four passengers, including a retired NYPD sergeant jumped up and held the man down, Fox 5 reported.

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  1. Glad that the passengers took their lives into thier own hands. This man put so many lives in danger.


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