Monday, August 22, 2011

No Visible Obama Support in Provincetown (Massachusetts)

After spending most of the day in Provincetown Massachusetts, I was struck most politically by what was absent. Not a single person I came across was wearing pro-Obama clothing. There were no pro-Obama sings, not even pro-Obama bumper stickers. Perhaps as striking as the absence of support on display was the almost total lack of pro-Obama merchandise for sale. Of all the stores I walk in, one had a single magnet in the back which could have gone either way (either support or oppose), and one store with three pro stickers displayed next two two anti stickers. One of those pro stickers was a 'dream fulfilled' Martin Luther King Jr. reference. This is in stark contrast to years past when you could not get away from the stuff; either on the store shelves, in the windows, or on peoples back's.

Provincetown may be the liberal beating heart of Massachusetts. It is a place where you would be hard pressed to find a single location from which a gay pride flag was not visible. If Obama lost support here, he is in even more trouble then I thought; and I thought he was in a lot of trouble.

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  1. DEM 2012 EXIT POLL*
    WHITES 29%
    ASIANS 29%
    LATINOS 50%
    BLACKS 99%
    THE DEAD 100%
    SEIU 200%
    (ballots arrive to late to qualify)

    *obamma runs unopposed in 7 of the 57 states


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