Friday, August 12, 2011

11th Circuit Appeals Court Rules Individual Mandate in ObamaCare Unconstitutional

While they ruled the Individual Mandate in Unconstitutional they did not rule the rest of ObamaCare Unconstitutional. We will have to wait for the Supreme Court to hear the case before how we know how this will all shake out; and there is almost no way the Supreme Court can not take up this issue.

"The U.S. Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, ruled 2 to 1 that Congress exceeded its authority by requiring Americans to buy coverage, but it unanimously reversed a lower court decision that threw out the entire law.

The legality of the individual mandate, a cornerstone of the healthcare law, is widely expected to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. Opponents have argued that without the mandate, which goes into effect in 2014, the entire law falls.

The law, adopted by Congress in 2010 after a bruising battle, is expected to be a major political issue in the 2012 elections as Obama seeks another term. All the major Republican presidential candidates have opposed it.

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