Sunday, July 3, 2011

Massive Organized Crime Research Grant Fraud Uncovered; Specifics Intentionally Scarce?

You would think $72 million in fraudulent scientific research grants would be a major story, yet at far as I can tell it has received almost no coverage in the Main Stream Media. Perhaps even more interesting is the complete lack of information on what/which sectors had been deceived. Could it be that people are trying to prevent another Global Warming fraud scandal from erupting?

"Nature magazine–not exactly on the top of the sales rack even at Barnes & Noble (I subscribe)–last week reported a bizarre story that is receiving no attention in the U.S. media that I’ve seen: The Eurocrats in Brussels have uncovered a massive organized crime effort that secured $72 million in fraudulent scientific research grants. An excerpt:

The fraud has been conducted in a “highly sophisticated manner, resembling money laundering”, by means of a cross-border network of fictitious companies and subcontractors, says Pavel BoŇôkovec, a spokesman for OLAF. Several project coordinators stand accused of having claimed inflated costs, or expenses for non-existent research activities and services, he says.
“The projects were apparently organized with the sole intention to deceive the commission and its control mechanisms,” says Boublil. To make them seem legitimate, grant applications included the names of real scientists, established research institutes and existing companies, he says. But in most cases the alleged project partners were included without their knowing.

The strange part of this story is that it offers no details about what specific areas of government research funding were pilfered, or what “results” may have come of the fraudulent research projects they supported. Could it have been in the climate science domain, where the most government research money seems to be sloshing around? We know that there has been organized fraud in the European carbon trading market.

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