Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Federal Warning: Al Qaeda Wants to Surgically Implant Bombs in Terrorists

This is not exactly breaking news as there were reports of this type of attack having been implements almost two years ago. It could be a serious problem as detecting such explosives would be extremely difficult. The biggest problem with such an attack (beyond the technical implementation) is that the body is a rather effective blast shield. It is not a pleasant thought in the abstract, but think of the heroes who have jump on grenades sacrificing themselves but saving their buddies. The terrorist would in essence be jumping on the grenade they are throwing. The problem is overcome with more powerful explosives, but fortunately as far as terrorist attacks have gone they have had trouble with 'regular ones' (not being able to lite a shoe and flash frying undies instead exploding). This is something that merits defensive brain power, but hopefully they are not getting around to that just now.

"A new and insidious twist on terrorist suicide bombs has federal officials issuing new warnings to international and domestic airlines and stepping up security measures here and abroad.

In 2004 al Qaeda tried a shoe bomb to take down an airplane. Five years later their so-called “Christmas surprise” was an underwear bomb on a plane.

In both cases, they failed.

However, new intelligence indicates al Qaeda now wants to surgically implant bombs directly into a suicide bomber’s body, reports CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer.

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