Tuesday, November 16, 2010

San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe Promises to Prosecute Overly Touchy Pat Downs

He said something about skin to skin.

Video embedded below.

"The San Mateo district attorney's office has a warning for all TSA personnel at SFO -- anyone inappropriately touching a passenger during a security pat down will be prosecuted.

Incoming San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe says any complaints of inappropriate touching during an airport security pat down will land on his desk.

"The case would be reviewed and if we could prove the elements of it, that it was inappropriately done with a sexual or lewd intent, that person would be prosecuted," he said.


  1. Suttles -
    Touching my stuff, with or without gloves, and with or without lewd intent, is both inadvisable and illegal.

  2. If someone attempts to sexually assault you don't you have every right to defend yourself with whatever means necessary? So if this is sexual assault and you take physical means to defend yourself (i.e. punch the assaulter in the face) you should not face any criminal or civil charges, but the assaulter should. Can't wait for a case like this to go to court.

  3. What we can and should do! Don't fly for at least 3 month. If airports are empty and planes are empty the TSA menace will go.

    Lets do it!

  4. it looks like infowars.com is spear heading this whole TSA thing - prepare for protests over thanksgiving

  5. This TSA Revolt Brakes Left Right Party Lines
    The Planned intimidation and humiliation with the Enhanced “Enhanced” ‘Pat’-Down ‘Strip’-Search, for those travelers choosing the Opt-Out Screening Option, was to get everyone to use the Pornographic Electronic Bio-Scan Strip Search.
    As Strangers touch our children’s genitalia the party lines drop away and for the first time in generation we collectively understand what real politics are about.
    This failure has got the Feds at the Department of Homeland Security Hopping Mad.

  6. TSA keeps on refering to Americans as "customers". I am not a TSA customer. TSA has forced itself as an obstacle between me and my inalienable right to free travel.

    People forget that airorts have a choice to choose security. They can simply change TSA.

    "Opt out" on November 24th and give freedom a chance.

  7. Watch this, it's funny and true.

    Checkpoint Charlie - FAIL!

  8. DA Wagstaffe has a lot more to worry about- like his chaotic, dysfunctional office and the fact that his lousy managerial skills are about to blow up in his face.

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