Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks: A Feckless Obama And a Clinton in Peril

Video embedded below.

See also Wikileaks Completes Obama's Transformation Into Jimmy Carter

"There have been many comparisons of Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter, focused on the economy. But the continuing leak of documents by Wikileaks has become for Obama what the Iranian hostage crisis was to Carter.

The Wikileaks folks trot the globe with impunity and funnel documents to the press at will, for the purpose of damaging U.S. relations with other countries, our war efforts, and our intelligence capability. And we do almost nothing about it.
We are the laughingstock of the world, an impotent superpower whose response to those who aid our enemies is to write a letter asking them not to do it. Yes, Harold Koh the State Department's chief lawyer, sent a demand freakin' letter to Wikileaks."

1 comment:

  1. Haha your a joke.

    If wikileaks reveals anything it is that it is the government that is the biggest threat to American and other lives around the world.

    Your seriously going to cheer on pointless and massively destructive us wars around the world, and then turn around and say something akin to wikileaks has blood on it's hands?

    No one should take you seriously


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