Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Printer Cartridge Mail Bombs Designed to Explode Mid-Flight

It now appears that the 'Printer Cartridge Mail Bombs' were designed to detonate while still on airborne on planes. That being the case, the strategy of hoping the terrorists are to stupid to properly detonate the bombs they smuggle on aircraft appears to have succeeded again. This strategy I fear is a losing one.


"The mail bomb plot stretching from Yemen to Chicago may have been aimed at blowing up planes in flight and was only narrowly averted, officials said Sunday, acknowledging that one device almost slipped through Britain and another seized in Dubai was unwittingly flown on two passenger jets.

Senior U.S. officials met to develop a response to the Al-Qaida faction linked to the powerful explosives addressed to synagogues in Chicago.
Brennan said authorities are "looking at the potential that they would have been detonated en route to those synagogues aboard the aircraft as well as at the destinations. But at this point we, I think, would agree with the British that it looks as though they were designed to be detonated in flight," he said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

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