Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Man Arrested For Throwing Oranges at Planes

Not surprisingly there was suspected substance abuse that played a part in the decision. It was not entirely clear how close he was getting the oranges to the plane, nor what sort of damage they were afraid of; though I would not want to be in the first plane to be hit and find out that way.

"A man was arrested Tuesay after reportedly throwing oranges at planes at Falcon Field airport in Mesa, according to police.

After a complaint about the oranges was called in to police, Brian Henio, 33, was found sitting in an orange grove by the airport apparently drinking out of a green jug, said Mike Melendez with the Mesa Police Department.

Police said they could smell spray paint and saw paint on Henio's upper lip. He reportedly admitted to being under the influence of spray paint and to throwing the oranges.

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