Thursday, November 18, 2010 is a site set up to allow you to vote on if a particular couple should have an abortion or have a baby. My guess (and hope) is that it is a publicity stunt either for the couple or for the pro-life cause. The alternative is pretty disturbing. I will also guess this kid, assuming they have the child, will have some issues to work out in therapy.

"We pointed out an obvious flaw with his logic: The vast majority of people who are pro-choice aren't pro-abortion, so it wouldn't figure that they would automatically vote for the abortion option. The only people who would probably vote for the abortion are trolls who want to piss off pro-lifers. (In fact the anarchic message board 4chan has already hijacked the poll a couple times, tilting it to the "abortion" side.) Pete countered that during elections, "people do silly stuff all the time, and their votes get counted anyway."

We're not sure what to make of Pete and Alisha Arnold, to be honest. But here are three possibilities:

1) It's is an idiotic prank. Pete and Alisha are intent on becoming famous any way they can, and they've hit on an outrageous way to get media coverage. But if this all was a prank, wouldn't they have gotten the word out before now? They've been blogging since September.

2) This is a pro-life stunt. Pete said he's a non-practicing Catholic, while Alisha is a Methodist. Although the Arnolds describe themselves as political independents with Libertarian leanings, Alisha likes Glenn Beck on Facebook, and a Google search turns up an old pro-Bush comment Pete made on CNN. (Pete said he voted for Bush in 2000, but not in 2004.) Could this site be a confused parable to illustrate the peril of putting an unborn baby's life in the hands of voters?

3) It's true. Pete and Alisha are actually going to choose to have an abortion based on an Internet poll.
Regardless of your position on abortion, all of these possibilities suggest these people should never, ever raise a kid.

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