Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Al Qaeda Caught Implanting Dogs With Explosives

While using children (especially children with mental handicaps) as unknowing and unwilling bombers is much worse, this is pretty low.


"A horrifying story out of Iraq reveals that al Qaeda operatives sewed bombs inside the bellies of unsuspecting dogs who were placed in kennels to be loaded onto planes bound for the U.S. The French daily newspaper Le Figaro reports that the plot was exposed when the dogs died and the implanted explosive devices were discovered. The cause of death was the clumsiness of the “surgery” done on the poor animals.
The dogs used in the unspeakable plot were strays rounded up off the street. The plan obviously hinged on the bombs detonating mid-flight.

The appearance of pooches on flights from Iraq to the United States is not that unusual. A number of GIs serving tours in Iraq have adopted dogs, and several animal-rescue groups have endeavor to place starving Iraqi dogs with loving owners in the U.S.

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