Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NRSC Will Contribute to O'Donnell Campaign

The Tea party had a good night yesterday. One of the victories was O'Donnell in Delaware. There was a bit of a rift; the debate between the more conservative O'Donnell or her more likely to be elected in the general election opponent. It appears the NRSC is trying to patch things up a bit.

"The NRSC, through Sen. Cornyn, has congratulated Christine O'Donnell and told her she will receive $42,000, the maximum allowable donation. This is a good decision for several reasons. First, O'Donnell is the Republican party's nominee for the Senate and, as such, deserves a showing of support. Second, it would be foolish to alienate the Tea Party movement by withholding a contribution of this modest magnitude.

It's clear that the Tea Party is a huge and often valuable player in the Republican party. If the current co-habitation fails, neither the Republican establishment nor the Tea Party is likely to prosper. Co-habitation will require mutual accommodation, and it's far from clear that we'll see enough of that to make the "marriage" work. But it would have been ridiculous to fuel a feud over a $42,000 contribution to the duly nominated candidate in Delaware.

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