Monday, September 27, 2010

Out - 'Tea Party Protesters Are Racist' / In - 'Tea Party Protesters are Crazy'

At some point they will realize that the Tea Party Protesters just genuinely care about the country and do not like the direction it is/was headed. They will also realize that a sizable percentage of the population agree; I am thinking November 2-3.

"Since the left’s racism-based attacks of the Tea Party movement have failed, liberals have shifted gears slightly. Now they’re just calling Tea Partiers plain crazy.

A new report from the Culture and Media Institute shows a widespread media attack on the Tea Party and its candidates’ sanity, something the report’s author, Nathan Burchfiel, told The Daily Caller is most likely a result of the left’s inability to form a legitimate argument against the Tea Party.

“It [calling Tea Partiers crazy] is a way to distract from the issues,” Burchfiel said. “It’s the same thing with the racist argument: You try to paint them as racists so you don’t have to talk about the issues.”

Consumer Watchdog, a progressive advocacy group, launched a new Times Square jumbotron advertisement asking people if they’re upset with corporate bailouts, home foreclosures, insurance rate hikes, Wall Street greed and if they are “mad as hell,” but think the “Tea Party is insane,” encouraging viewers to visit their website –

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