Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Islamic Terror Attack From Gaza on Israeli Kibbutz Heralds Jewish New Year

We are constantly told that an attack against a predominantly Muslim country on a Muslim holiday is an attack against Islam. Clearly this strike against Israeli Jews on the Jewish new year is an attack against all Jews; right? Hard to tell when the attacks come so frequently. Then again, we could just listen to what they are saying; the whole 'push the Jews into the sea' thing and we have our answer.

"I am wishing all of my readers a very happy and sweet new year. La shanah tova. These are dark days for the Jewish people.

Islamic Terror Attack from Gaza on Israeli Kibbutz Heralds Jewish New Year

Gaza terrorists launched a mortar attack on children and their parents in southern Israel Wednesday, just hours before the start of Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year.

One mortar exploded close to several kindergarten buildings in a Negev kibbutz, just half an hour before the children were set to arrive. 

Steel yourselves........for battle. And pray."


  1. if i had a dollar for every strawman argument you attribute to the imaginary liberals, media and muslims in your head- then I would be a bagillionaire.

  2. @Anonymous - care to give a few examples?


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