Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hamas Leader Rejects Compromise And Peace With Israel

What is the point of these new negotiations again; peace, and end to violence and terrorism? Well that is sunk before it even started. Would a country negotiate with Obama if the military was going to do what ever it wanted anyways and announced that it would continue to bomb the country? Admittedly to a slightly lessor extent, that is what Israel is doing now. Best case scenario for Israel; they secure a peace agreement from Abbas by giving up some of what he wants, and the attacks continue anyways (likely while still being condemned for being 'racist oppressors')?!? If the point for Israel is to show they are willing to compromise, they have been down that road before many times and never get credit for it. The only thing that is different this time around is the negotiations appear to be meant as a block against Israel taking action against Iran while they run out the clock on a nuke.

"The top Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip rejected compromise with Israel in a fiery speech Wednesday, a day after gunmen killed four Israelis.

In an address to Hamas members, Gaza strongman Mahmoud Zahar said the movement would resist peace efforts and criticized the Palestinian president for joining the negotiations.
Hamas leaders have sharply criticized Abbas in recent days for agreeing to resume negotiations with Israel.

"The enemy of the Palestinian people is the Zionist enemy," Zahar said.

Zahar rejected the idea of compromise with Israel, saying that "liberating" all the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River — a reference to Israel's destruction — is a moral and religious duty. He said Palestinians must not abandon armed resistance against Israeli occupation.

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