Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Premiere of The Interview Canceled

And thus, the first real attack by a foreign country (North Korea), against a US Company (Sony), ends with the defeat of the US Company. The Real question now is what the US Government is going to do about this, less it become a common occurrence

"Either this is the worst case of cultural imperialism in recent memory, or the most innovative PR campaign in history. The premiere of the new Sony Pictures comedy The Interview has been canceled after terrorist threats from the hacker group that took credit for the theft of massive amounts of data from Sony Entertainment. It threatened a 9/11-style response on any theater that dared to show the Seth Rogen-James Franco film, and the Landmark Sunshine Theater in New York backed away as a result:

A spokesperson for Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema has confirmed that Thursday’s premiere of Sony’s Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy “The Interview” has been canceled in the wake of the ominous message sent by Sony hackers on Tuesday morning. The message threatened a 9/11-style attack on theaters showing the film.
Rogen and Franco are taking a lower profile, although it may be mutual:

The duo attended last week’s Los Angeles premiere, which was a low-key affair at which interviews were not allowed. Earlier Tuesday, they canceled media appearances including a Buzzfeed Brews conversation, Rogen’s Thursday appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and an interview with both of them on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday.
Sony still plans on moving forward with The Interview, but won’t hold theater owners to their contractual obligations to show it:

The scaling back of publicity came as the Carmike Cinema chain announced that it would not be screening the film, due to open in the US on Christmas Day. Shares in Carmike, as well as the country’s three other biggest cinema chains — AMC, Regal and Cinemark and Carmike — all fell after news of the threat broke.

An announcement by Sony on Tuesday said the decision whether to pull screenings lay in the hands of picturehouse owners, but added that the studio hoped to proceed with the planned nationwide rollout of the film.

Variety quotes Tom Stephenson, the CEO of Look Cinemas, saying: “If they play it, we’ll show it. Sony has a right to make the movie, we have a right to play it and censorship in general is a bad thing.”

But there is said to be growing unease among both cinema chains and rival studios that the threats may cause audiences to stay away from cinemas over one of the key weekends in the calendar.
Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security took the unusual step of announcing that they have no evidence of a terror plot in place against movie theaters, but that they would be on heightened alert to watch for signs of such:

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