Friday, February 21, 2014


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  1. Inside the capital Kambei replica wathces, Kikuchiyo and Shichiroji find all three of the Ukyo decoys, yet thanks to Kikuchiyo's farmer's heritage rolex replica can smell the stink of work on them. The corn pip swordsman cuts them all down and fights with the three samurai, but to our surprise Kyuzo is alive swiftly slices him. The gunfire is raining down on the four samurai and Katsushiro's sword replica handbags breaks, leaving him with only a gun by his feet to save Kambei. He riddles the opponent with bullets but they go completely through their target killing him and Kyuzo who had stepped in to save Kambei as well, which makes Katsushiro the killer of his own comrade. This was the first time I can remember a main character getting killed with friendly fire and dying in such a shocking manner that it left me speechless. I'm not usually effected too much when a character is killed off but watching both Kyuzo and Heihachi die so close together was gut wrenching and disheartening. Leaving you with a pending dread of which of the four remaining samurai will actually make it out alive.


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