Sunday, February 3, 2013

"It's easier to get another job than it is another life. I don't regret the decision."

A man has a gun pulled on him, pulls his own legaly carried weapon to sucsessfully protect himself (without even needing to fire upon the robber), and then is given a pink slip for his efforts. I respect a companies right to set the policy for their employes, but this sends the wrong message.

"Tom Green has had a concealed carry permit for a year-and-a-half, and he said he hoped he would never have to draw his weapon.

But recently, Green he was forced to while working the overnight shift at the Johnstown Duke and Duchess convenience store on November 13.

Security cameras were rolling as a man wearing all black, with stockings over his face, walked in.

“He said ‘Give me all your stuff,’” said Green. “Then he said ‘I ain’t playing.’ And then stuck his hand under the hoodie he was wearing.”

That indicated to Green that the man had a gun.

“It was a split second to make a decision on whether to protect myself or not. i just did what i felt like i had to do,” said Green.

He drew his weapon and forced the robber from the store.

“I was really afraid he was going to harm me in some way,” added Green.

Two days after the shock of being held up and having to draw his weapon in his own defense, Green got another shock, when he was fired.

He was told it was a violation of company policy to carry weapons on the premises.
He admits he knew the policy, but said in a job that makes you a target, he felt the need for protection.

“If they're not going to allow you to defend yourself, then they should provide some security,” added Green.

Despite the loss of his job, he says he'd do the same thing again.

"It's easier to get another job than it is another life. I don't regret the decision."

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