Sunday, August 5, 2012

Obama - 'Jets Fans Should be Nervous About Tebow Trade'

Getting involved in sports, not always the best of ideas. As for the Jets, given Obama's track record, I would say they have a decent chance of going all the way.

"Is President Barack Obama taking a page out of Richard Nixon's playbook? In 1971, President Nixon suggested a play for the Redskins before their playoff game with the 49ers. On Thursday, more than 40 years later, Obama opined on the Jets trade for QB Tim Tebow.

In an interview with 97.3 The Fan, a radio station in Columbus, Ohio, Obama said he thought Jets fans should be "nervous" about the trade and that he was not in favor of a quarterback controversy to start the season. He said that QB Mark Sanchez is "not Tom Brady yet," but he
pointed out that he did lead the Jets to two consecutive AFC Championship games.

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