Monday, July 30, 2012

North Dakota Democrats Mock Female Republican’s Breasts

If the 'D' and the 'R' were reversed this would be a major story and we would be having a 'national conversation' about it. Since this does not fit the false narrative, do not hold your breath waiting for this to get major exposure in the Main Stream Media.

"But Democrats don’t exactly have their hands clean when it comes to insulting women. First there was the ad attacking Rick Berg’s mother. Now Jim Fuglie, the former Executive Director of the North Dakota Democrat party, has posted this bit of ugliness alluding to supposed rumors about Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Schools Kirsten Baesler’s breasts.
That’s got to be one of the sleaziest things I’ve ever seen written about a North Dakota political candidate, Democrat or Republican.

You could dismiss this as nothing more than the ill-advised ranting of a former leader of the state Democrat party. But this post was also published on a blog managed by Chad Nodland, currently representing North Dakota Democrats on the Democrat National Committee.

Head to the source for a screen cap of the story.

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