Friday, April 13, 2012

North Korean Missile Fails, State Media Acknowledges Failure

There is only one good reason I can think of or have read that would explain why the North Korean state controlled media would admit to such an embarrassing failure. That is because they know the news would get through to the people regardless. They know they can not get away with the 'big' lies any more, but if they fess up they can maintain some level of credibility to use for the 'little' lies.

We should do what we can to press the issue. Open up the lines of communication to the North Korean people as much as possible, but more importantly allow them to communicate with each other securely.

Video embedded below.

"While we’re on the subject of baffling behavior by North Korea (a big subject, I know), here’s another question to ponder: Why on earth did they build up this launch and then invite foreign reporters to witness it if they weren’t reasonably sure it’d succeed? And before you say “maybe they were reasonably sure,” read the following two posts at Danger Room arguing that not only do the NorKs not conduct missile “tests” in any meaningful sense of the term — they lack the money and the technical expertise — but they may actually be getting worse at launches. If you’re going to pop off a big missile as a show of strength to your citizen-captives and enemies abroad, you’d want to be awfully confident (a) that it’ll work and (b) that you can cover it up pretty well if it doesn’t. Their missile not only didn’t work, they didn’t even try to cover it up. This is how the new Kim “shows strength,” apparently. Bizarre."

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