Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gilad Shalit Returned Home

I still do not like the idea of the trade, but I am glad Gilad Shalit is finally home.

Video embedded below.

"Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and hundreds of Palestinians crossed Israel's borders in opposite directions on Tuesday as a thousand-for-one prisoner swap brought joy to families but did little to ease decades of conflict.

In one of the biggest ever such exchanges between the two sides, a pale and gaunt Sergeant Shalit was flown to his parents' home in northern Israel after more than five years held incommunicado by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, while a first 477 of over 1,000 Palestinians to be released under the bargain left Israeli jails for Gaza, the West Bank and abroad.
"The people want a new Gilad!" chanted thousands at a rally in Gaza where Hamas leaders trumpeted their feat in holding on to their captive ...

Local Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, surrounded by former prisoners decked out in the green of the Islamist party, told a cheering crowd: "The enemy retreated, Shalit remained in the hands of the holy warriors and today we have victory."

Read the last part of that quote and tell me they will not try this again...

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