Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bill O'Reilly on The Video of Anti-Semitic Occupy LA Protester

Video embedded below.

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  1. Not to get too sucked into the weeds of bermanpost nonsense, but with this effort to gin up the idea that Occupy Wall Street is somehow shot-through with anti-semitism, its incredibly amusing to me that a chest beating Jew like yourself is once again somehow losing sight of the fact that Jewish Americans are incredibly left-wing. Everyone knows this. At least everyone who’s Jewish knows it. Conservative Jews in America whine about this all the time. They write long whiny books about it.

    The Jewish senators are all Democrats. The Jewish House members are all Democrats except for Eric Cantor. Jews are wildly overrepresented among prominent mainstream liberal intellectuals (Paul Krugman) and far-left intellectuals (Noam Chomsky). The three Jewish Supreme Court Justices are liberals, as are all five of the former Jewish Supreme Court Justices.

    To say the left is part and parcel of anti semitism smells of desperation, especially when it comes from a jew who surly knows that most jews in America are Left wing and do not put Israel at the center of their identity and worldview.


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