Sunday, May 15, 2011

Violence Erupts Along The Israeli-Syrian

A transparent diversionary tactic from Syria's brutal crackdown on freedom protesters, but one that will likely work.

"Israeli troops today clashed with Arab protesters along three hostile borders, including the frontier with Syria, leaving 16 people dead and dozens more wounded in an unprecedented wave of demonstrations marking a Palestinian day of mourning for their defeat at Israel's hands in 1948.

Along Israel's border with Syria, thousands of protesters stormed the fence and hundreds burst through, pelting soldiers with stones, the military said. Soldiers guarding the border opened fire to stop them. Dozens were wounded and four were reported killed.

Israeli defence officials said the military had not expected protesters to try to breach the border and was caught by surprise.

It was a rare incursion from the usually tightly controlled Syrian side, and Israeli officials accused Damascus of fomenting the violence in an attempt to divert attention from the deadly crackdown on protests within its borders against the rule of President Bashar Assad.

'The Syrian regime is intentionally attempting to divert international attention away from the brutal crackdown of their own citizens to incite against Israel,' said an Israeli military spokesman.

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  1. @Ian Dubrowsky - "Contrary to the line taken by the Mubarakite Israeli leadership, the Palestinian protests on May 15, Nakba Day, were not an Iranian or Syrian plot but rather the grassroots protests of a dispossessed and displaced people that refuses to accept its fate as flotsam of the earth, deprived of their identity and dignity by the great Israeli Expulsion of 1948." -> you really think a country with no problem firing indiscriminately firing into a crowd of unarmed civilians marching for freedom would let their people start trouble on a boarder that has been quite for as long as it has?

    "What was driving the Palestinian protests is desperation and a state of statelessness, of being in limbo, of having no rights, no property, no prospects, living within sight of their former home, gazing at it from foreign countries that happen also to speak Arabic but which treat them as aliens or (as in Jordan) second-class citizens." -> Are you saying it is Israel's fault that the countries they have been living in for 60 years (which for most is all of their lives) do not treat them well?

    "ethnically cleansed" -> come on; are you serious. The vast majority of Palestinians that left Israel in the process of its creation did so without ever seeing an Israeli at the request of their Arab neighbors to make it easier to 'push the Jews into the sea'. The ones that stayed, as requested by the Jews (with the hopes they would be a bridge to the neighbors) and their decedents are citizens. The same can not be said about the roughly same number of Jews who were actually forced out of the neighboring countries and into Israel.

    "I’d like to see Israelis have normal, anxiety-free lives." -> as would I. It would start with an end to Palestinian terrorism, and perhaps Hamas changing its charter from its current mission of extermination.

  2. Ian Dubrowsky5/17/2011 2:13 AM

    "you really think a country with no problem firing indiscriminately firing into a crowd of unarmed civilians -> You are talking about Israel right? or any number of Israel and U.S. backed dictatorships?

    Israeli troops abruptly opened fire at the crowds along the barbed wire, killing 10 persons and wounding 112, some of them severely– according to a communique of the Lebanese army. The Guardian reports only 2 killed and does not mention the wounded. An Israeli general is quoted as saying the Palestinians were “vandalizing” the barbed wire fence, thus attracting the fire, and denied knowledge of Palestinian casualties. The Palestinians seem to have been convinced that the gunfire came in retalitation for the rock-throwing. For Israeli soldiers to fire over the border into Lebanon and kill Palestinians on Lebanese soil was felt by the Lebanese as a violation of their sovereignty.

    Israeli troops also opened fire on Palestinian protesters at the border they have drawn between the West Bank and East Jerusalem (actually East Jerusalem is part of the West Bank that was occupied by Israel in 1967), and in the West Bank itself, where Israel has plopped down colonies of often armed Jewish fanatics in Palestinian cities and towns.

    In the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, which belongs to Syria, a crowd of some 200 Palestinians from Syria got past Israeli barbed wire to come into the village of Majdal al-Shams, where they were fired on by Israeli troops, who killed 2-4 or more and wounded others. Likely it was the weakness of the Syrian state that allowed this small Return of Palestinians, not the machinations of Damascus.

    Syria’s protests about the Israeli rush to use live ammunition on protesters would have carried more weight had the protest issued from quarters not engaged in a similar deployment of live ammunition on… protesters.

    Palestinian protesters in Gaza came toward the Israeli border (Palestinians are excluded from about 1/4 of Gaza that is near Israel), and were fired on. Not that anyone cares about what happens in Israel's favorite shooting gallery. .

    "Are you saying it is Israel's fault that the countries they have been living in for 60 years (which for most is all of their lives) do not treat them well?" - Yes, unfortunately that is what the facts bare out (not that you care), that the plight of the Palestinians is overwhelming the result of an ethnic cleansing and military apartheid policy beginning in 1948. No other state on earth could expect to simply dump a refugee population on it's neighbors, nor should they and it's besides the point, Israel is just evading responsibility for its war crimes.


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