Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is Dead

That is flashing across a number of wires right now. That could be what Obama has called the late night press conference to talk about.

Developing... (refresh for the latest)

Not only dead but the US has the body...

Update 2:
Dead for more then a week...

Update 3:
"?" removed; everyone on every network is reporting this...

Update 4:
Killing by a missile strike...
Unmanned drone?

Update 5:
Killed by US strike...

Update 6:
Jim Hoft has the video (via) of one of the first announcements.

Update 7:
Family DNA used to identify...

Update 8:
Fox News, MSNBC, CNN...

Update 9:
NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal...

Update 10:
Not an air strike but shot in the head?

Update 11:
More saying shot in the head (via)

Be sure to see the round up at Instapundit.

Update 12:
Obama Confirms - United States operation killed Osama!

Update 13:
Obama streaming live

Update 14:
Obama ordered strike. Osama killed in fire fight.

Update 15:
Obama - "Justice has been done"

Update 16:
Osama killed in Pakistan, US in possession of his body.

Update 17:
Crowd gathering outside the White House, chanting patriotic songs...

Update 18:
Killed in Abbottabad (Pakistan) (via)

Update 19:
As to the people asking why they waited a week; you need to act on the intelligence you gather from the raid before announcing or the info will be worthless, and you also want to 'extra' confirm because if you announce prematurely and you are wrong they will 'pound' you for it...

Update 20:
Crowd outside White House sings National Anthem (video)

Update 21:
Obama's speech announcing Osama had been killed;

Update 22:
Quick thought; shoot out means that it was not quick. With an air strike you may have no warning before you die. A gun fight means he had some time to think about what was going down, knowing in the fleeting moments of his life that he would either be captured/humiliated/executed or shot dead in the attempt to capture him...

Update 23:
Travel waring; there could be some people itching for revenge after this news so we need to be extra vigilante for the next few days/week.

Update 24:
Photos from my friend Kristina who is at the White House

A few more at

Update 25:
Some final thoughts for the night; good has triumphed over evil, a madman has been tossed onto the ash heap of history, the mastermind of the murder of three thousand innocent victims has been brought to justice, and the free people of the world can sleep a little more soundly tonight.


  1. If they have suspected for a week that Osama is dead, why is it taking Obama so long to appear to tell us about it? He should have had the speach ready by now. But no, he had campaigning to do ad just wants to drag out this moment in the limelight.

  2. Sunday prime time.
    Coincidence? Hardly.

  3. OK, so did we REALLY kill him? Or is he hidden away somewhere and we're dunking his head for information... only to kill him later :D

  4. Those 400 some odd Taliban escapees got away about the same time this went down. concidence?

  5. If Bush had killed him and dumped his remains at sea there would be all sorts of conspiracy theories about Osama being renditioned and held secretly in a CIA prison while being waterboarded.


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