Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Buried at Sea in Accordance With Islamic Laws, Some Muslim Clerics Not Happy

The burial at sea is a good move, no shrine for his followers. The speed at which he was buried does give me a little pause though (especially if they do not release the pictures/video) as some of his followers in the Middle East may not believe that he was actually killed.

Of course, for some it was not enough. It is a little funny though, I could swear people told me that Osama was not a 'real' Muslim...

"Pentagon officials said Monday that bin Laden's body was be handled in accordance with Muslim traditions, which include strict rules on burial taking place within 24 hours after death.

Sources confirmed to CBS News national security correspondent David Martin that his body was released into the sea from a U.S. Navy vessel on Monday, likely into the Indian Ocean.

"Thank God, er, Allah, that this bit of good will backfired and pissed off some people.

Why is the US government so desperate to show it's sensitivity to Muslims by how we deal with the bullet riddled carcase of a killer? Besides, I thought bin Laden wasn't really a Muslim (or a Muslim-Muslim as Whoopi Goldberg would say). Suddenly he has to be accorded all the rights and respect due an upstanding man of faith? That's just a bit of a contradiction. And no, don't tell me it's about not antagonizing the moderate Muslims around the world. We've done quite enough outreach from our side, thank you very much. I'm tired of walking on egg shells and fearing that if we offend some delicate sensibility of theirs (and there's always one) the practitioners of the world's most peaceful religion will explode in murderous rage.

I'm all for treating honorable combatants with honor and respect when they fall on the field of battle like men. But cowardly terrorists who hide behind women? Stuff their bodies and put them on display at The Smithsonian. You know, like Trigger the horse.

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