Monday, May 9, 2011

'Anonymous' Going Through a 'Civil War'

You would think that a nameless and faceless group of hackers unhappy with what the group is doing would split off to make a new group. Indeed that may be the end result.

"A civil war of sorts has been raging inside the ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous, culminating today in a hostile takeover of the Anonymous IRC servers.

The splinter group that has attempted to seize leadership of Anonymous, led by someone known only as Ryan, says that they seized control of Anonymous websites and IRC servers because they felt that AnonOps had become too centralized. Ryan also believes that Anonymous leadership had become more interested in destroying things for destruction’s sake than fighting for a cause, according to an exclusive interview on thinq_.

The original leadership of Anonymous still has control of, where they’ve published updates on recent events on a subdomain.

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