Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Letter From the Editor (Right World View Vol. I, No. 5)

Welcome back to another wonderful semester here at Manhattanville. While you are getting down to the business of doing what you came here for, learning, I encourage you to get involved with at least a few of the many clubs and activities the College has to offer. You will see this same message referenced in a few places throughout this issue in both the 'Call to Arms' and an article giving a brief summery of the clubs currently offered.

One thing I have been going back and forth on is whether or not to print some hate mail we received. I have opted not to print it, but if you the readers think we should, send us feedback with your opinions as to why, and the policy can easily be changed. The primary reason the mail isn't printed in this issue is because its content. One letter I received from a student stated that if this paper was the main campus newspaper they would transfer, and further added that they were not the only one with this thought. Upon further inquiry, based on the short back and forth we had, it appeared to me that the person who wrote the note might never have actually read the paper.

Another letter was from the leader of a club here at Manhattanville. The message offered no substance, it merely hurled baseless insults at the newspaper. It ended with a threat of prosecution against us if we exercise our constitutionally protected right to free speech and spoke to any one of their members in the future. I was further disturbed because the faculty advisor of the club was copied into the message and as of the writing of this piece, I have not heard anything from them.

Perhaps most disheartening of all are reports I get about Manhattanville faculty and staff who are unwilling to even be interviewed by our writers. Though we are technically a Conservative publication, we have writers and happily accept articles from all political view points. We have not been radical and instead tried to be (and I believe succeed at being) fairly centrist.

Moving on, I am proud to report that the Right World View was officially the largest campus publication by the end of last semester. Despite being the new kids on the block, only beginning last semester, we were the first campus publication to have an issue out, we printed more issues than any other publication, we printed more copies of each issue, and our issues had more square inches of content than any other campus publication.

In another bit of news, thanks to a new relationship, we now have access to a few different Wires. Perhaps more importantly, we can contribute to a Wire as well. This means that the potential readership of any given article written in this publication has expanded many times over. Keep that in mind if you are deciding whether or not to write for the Right World View.

Andrew Berman

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