Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Day The Republic Died - Obama Announces Executive Amnesty

The death of the Republic line is not a rhetorical flourish. We are supposed to be a Republic. We vote for representative who in turn vote on laws. There is a different word the type of government in which one person makes the rules. Honestly, I am not sure what the word is for a government in which the people elect a dictator for up to two, four year terms; "Obamaship"?

In fairness, it might not be dead yet. We have just been poisoned with limited time to take an antidote. If this action is not reversed, there is logical or legal limiting factor. The next President can decide not to enforce taxes about 10% per person. They could decide not to enforce certain provisions of the Clean Air Act. They could choose not to enforce any federal gun regulations.

This is not a comment on the policy itself. You can be for or against amnesty, but if you understand the implications of how this is being implemented, you must be against the process.

If you think I am not qualified to make such a call, how about the worlds most famous 'constitutional scholar?

Video embedded below.

Or oyu can read the 22 times he said he did not have this power ->

What the republic die below.

Video embedded below.


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