Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quintessential Question

You know them when you hear them. A question that seems so simple, yet is so amazingly complex that they stop you dead in you tracks. They are questions that can take you anyone of a hundred ways, some completely contradictory toward each other. Despite what ever answer you assign, the question still nags at you. "Are you sure", "Could it be something else", "Is their another, better answer"... ? Try as you might, a final conclusion, meaning, or interpretation is ultimately allusive. You may think you have it, and you may just brush the question aside content or frustrated. But a closer inspection will almost certainly cause a revelation or beg a different approach. In this way, the questions have the qualities of a proverb.

Why the long explanation about these still unasked yet mystically powerful questions? It is because I plan on asking them. The answers will be spread across multiple posts for the same question to approach some of the different angles. Also, it is special encouragement for you to either comment (and at length if you would like) or post your own answer somewhere else. Email me with a link and I will put that link on the master page for the question.

Just to be clear. The first post, or master post, for each question will contain the question, possible clarification/explanation if necessary, and then links to all the current answer(s). Each avenue or answer gets its own subsequent post or page. Your answers will also be linked to in the master page (just email me with the link [and put the question as the subject] and be sure to link to the master page in your post). If I like your answer/thought posted in the comment section, I will give it its own post page.

This will all be much clearer after seeing the first example. For an example see the link(s) listed below or click on the "Quintessential Question" label.


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