Saturday, November 22, 2008

VI (Victory in Iraq) Day is Here?

A few days ago, we announced that VI Day (Victory in Iraq) was coming soon (Berman Post: VI (Victory in Iraq) Day Coming Soon?). Today it is here. Zombietime has declared this day the official end to the Iraq war with out side the victor. This does not mean the end of violence is upon us. It does not mean that our troops are coming home tomorrow. Indeed, nothing special may happen logistically from this announcement. That does not mean it is pointless. At the very least, it is a pat on the back or a "job well done" for our soldiers. It is also an interesting test of the power of the right (or conservative) blogosphere. Certainly, not all people on the right support this, but it is safe to say their are few if any on the left that are behind it. This is an inadvertent test of how much "noise" the right can make. Below is a list of participating sites (so far) provided by Zombietime at

Gateway Pundit


Little Green Footballs

Pat Dollard



Flopping Aces

Because No One Asked

Dog Opus Blog

Oh No, Another Conservative Blog

Who Is John Galt?

Gathering of Eagles (national)

Gathering of Eagles New York

Gathering of Eagles North Carolina

Stop the ACLU

The Surfing Conservative

Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group

The Wide Awake Cafe

The Foxhole

Lighthouse on the Right

Arming Liberty

Uncle Sam Ate My Baby

Down Is Up

Foreign and Domestic

WOT Daily

The Blog of Record

Serr8d's Cutting Edge

Army Wife: Rants from Ft. Livingroom

Hamilton, Madison, and Jay

Chandler's Watch

Rochester Conservative

The Daily Blogster

I Call BS!

Macker's World

Something should go here, maybe later

Nice Deb

The Bronze Blog


The Irascible Chef

Sharp Right Turn


Tman In Tennessee

Thunder Pig

Sith by Sithwest



Marooned in Marin

Thoughts Enroute

More Weight


The Jack Knows

Red State Rumblings

High Plains Blogger

Air Force Pundit

Fallback LGF

Liberty for USA

Diary of a Madman

The Rumbler Report

D.C. Thornton

Lock and Load

Fat Angie


Oedipal Beatdown

Conservative Action Network

A Herd of Turtles

Penny's Potpurri

Sayyad al Wahabiyya

Brain-Surgery With Spoons

American Syndicalist Party


Public Secrets


Toxic Taxation

Berman Post


The Inquisition

Pax Parabellum

CrossFit Camp Pendleton

Freedom Watch

American Truths

Destination OBX

Fearless Dream

Theodore's World

The Cool Blue Blog

Life With Monkeys

Woody's Place

Wild Weazel

The Atheist Conservative

King's Right Site

We are the Grizzwolds



E3 gazette


GunTrash's Multifarious Blog

mama winger's potluck

the "silent" majority no more!

The Working File


Habits Not Peculiar

Six Meat Buffet

Nobama Forum

The Spirit of Man

Alcove One

paradigm defenestration

The Weeks Review

9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America

Mage's Plane



Confederate Yankee

The Jawa Report

Ed Driscoll


Facebook group for Victory in Iraq Day

Barking Moonbat Early Warning System


Exurban League

Noblesse Oblige

Protein Wisdom Pub

Black & Right


Johnson County Republican Party

Winefred's Well

Still Unbounded

The Liberty Boys

Atlanta ROFTers

This is Scooter Country

The Crescent Moon

From My Position...On the Way!

Letters to a Dying Dream

Blogs for Victory




Conservative Diggs


Erica Marceau

Pirate's Cove

Let's Get It Right

Cmblake6's Weblog

What Bubba Knows



Psycmeister's Ice Palace!

Stable of Zionist Hore #2

Conservative in Seattle

Right Side News

Karridine Delivers



Zim's View

I Am, Therefore I Think

Patriot Missive

USS Neverdock

Dan Cirucci

The Conservative Contessa

The Four Rs

Wake up America

The C-Square

Sarge Charlie

Red-Hot Right

Echoes in Eternity

American Infidel


supporting the troops

One Model Place

The Dumber Ox

The Lightning News


2nd Exposure


Lindy's Blog: Where Mom is Always Right

Comics Pundit

No Clever Pseudonym

Free Frank Warner

The Digital Hairshirt

The Blue Pelican


Nothing But the Facts


Environmental Republican

Irons in the Fire

no blood for sauerkraut!

The Individualizer


Nebulous Continuum

Take Our Country Back

The Conservative Radical

Zion Beckons


Soldiers' Angels Germany

Paul Ibrahim

jweaks on Squidoo

Marie's Two Cents

The Other Club

The Anchoress

Beyond the Veil

Michigan Taxes Too Much

Once More Into the Breach

Stix Blog

Freedom's Candle

Citizen Dain

Raja Rants


Papa Mike's Blog

Wheat & Weeds

Eye On The World

Eugene Rant

There and Back Again

The Minority Report

The Autopsy

All Those Wires!

Defend America

Infidels Are Cool

The Big Picture

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